User Manual -- NurseAssess by Nurse Tech, Inc.

How do I navigate from one screen to another?
All screen-to-screen navigation in NurseAssess is done using the "breadcrumbs" at the top.
  • To go to the home screen, tap the icon.
  • To go to the hospital selection screen, tap the hospital name.
  • To go to the patient selection screen, tap the patient name.
  • To select an assessment, tap "assessment".
Why must I enter so much data when I create a patient? It takes too long.
You needn't. Fill in only the blanks that are important to you (and this patient) now. Except for the nickname, they are all optional. Do not enter any PHI (Protected Health Information, e.g. the patient's name.)

This is still a work in progress... much more to come!

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